Our partner and membership network


ARTAIM CONSEIL is a consulting company for the development of agricultural biogas plants in the GrDF network. These units are fed by intermediate crops. The design office is located in the Aube, bordering the Seine-et-Marne, which allows us, among other things, a significant dynamic of action in these grain regions.


EnviTec Greten Behälterbau

Expert in tank construction


2G Energietechnik GmbH

2G Energy AG is an internationally leading manufacturer of combined and heat and power plants (CHP) for the decentralised provision of power and heat on the basis of gas motors driven by natural gas, biomethane, biogas, sewage gas, landfill gas or hydrogen.


Malmberg Bioerdgastech GmbH

The Malmberg group is a family-owned cleantech company based in Sweden and delivers solutions in the fields of water treatment, biogas, geothermal energy and drilling.


Evonik Industries

Evonik Industries is the technology leader for membrane-based gas separation.


American Biogas Council (USA)

ABC is the first anaerobic digestion (AD) industry association in the United States that represents a full range of anaerobic digestion technologies and projects, including farm-based digesters, centralized facilities processing a variety of municipal and industrial organic waste streams, and existing digesters at municipal wastewater treatment plants.



RNG Coalition (USA)

The Coalition for Renewable Natural Gas (RNG Coalition) is the trade association for the Renewable Natural Gas industry in North America. The RNG Coalition advocates for increased development, deployment and utilization of renewable natural gas so that present and future generations will have access to this domestic, renewable, clean fuel and energy supply.